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The Kaléo Way

We are dedicated to creating healthcare solutions to protect and improve the lives of patients.

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Our way, The Kaléo Way, is not to seek to be like others, but to be passionate and purposeful in everything we do, as both professionals and individuals. Please click on each of the six tenets to learn more about The Kaléo Way.

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We believe that each of us – and all of us – is purposefully and passionately driven to make a difference in the lives of patients and in our industry, as well as in the lives of our communities, families and each other.

The Kaléo Way is created by our great people; our way is not to seek to be like others, but rather to passionately pursue meaningful and innovative solutions for patients.

We believe that when we answer our purposeful calling, we find success in our business and significance in our lives.

Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is always striving to do the right thing, in all circumstances. It is one of the foundational tenets on which Kaléo and our global business partners work together to serve both our patients and our teammates and create value for our business.

Personal integrity is a defining characteristic of us as individuals and professionals.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is our commitment to seek, embrace and celebrate the diversity of everyone who is part of Kaléo – our teammates, business partners, families, investors and patients.

We believe that leveraging our various teammates' and partners' diverse experiences and perspectives is fundamental to achieving our vision.

Kaléo will be a place of trust where each person feels accepted, respected and empowered to be their true self.


Professional accountability is the promise we make to each other to do what we say we will do, and deliver when promised.

We commit to be trustworthy and to trust each of our teammates to do their part in realizing Kaléo's vision.

We are accountable stewards to all of our stakeholders – including patients, partners, investors and our families – for the most effective use of our time, resources and intellectual capital.

Winning Teamwork

Winning teamwork means that we are committed to help each other, listen intently, communicate openly, motivate and mentor each other.

We are agile, nimble, disciplined, and we believe in the power of teamwork. We strive to maintain healthy relationships among ourselves, our families, business partners and within our communities by supporting each other.

Innovation & Excellence

In creating innovation and excellence, we promote and practice inspirational thinking, creative conversations and collaborative problem solving.

We strive to be change agents. We believe in self-development, and we commit to helping all our teammates achieve their professional and personal goals.

Through innovation and excellence, Kaléo will be recognized as providing unequivocal value to patients, as an invaluable business partner and as a thought leader in our industry.

Kaléo will be a place of trust where each person feels accepted, respected and empowered to be their true self. 

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We aspire to fully appreciate and expand Kaléo’s diversity of demographics, perspectives and experiences because it is the right thing to do and it will increase company performance.

We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to not only continually become better colleagues but to become better humans.

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We believe in keeping the emphasis where it belongs: on people.

Our Leadership

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Michael Wells

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Ned Ruffin

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Alfred Tenuto

Chief Commercial Officer

Ted Marcuccio

Chief Business Officer

George Parise

Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Gunn

Chief Operating Officer

Elvira Cashel

Vice President
Human Resources

Mark Herzog

Vice President
Global Corporate Affairs, Defense and Homeland Security

Glen Kelley

Vice President
Development and Regulatory Affairs

Chuck Nicholls

Vice President
Global Quality and Supply Manufacturing

Christine Waite

Vice President
Marketing and Analytics

Todd Lambert

Vice President
Sales and Training

Matthew Simmons

Vice President
Finance and Strategic Planning

Ann Rademacher

Vice President
Quality Assurance

Steve Gaeth

Vice President

Board of Directors

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Michael Wells

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Evan Bedil, MD

Member, Kaléo Board of Directors
Managing Director, Head of Healthcare, Marathon Asset Management

Susan Graf

Member, Kaléo Board of Directors
Senior Advisor to Locust Walk

Major General Elder Granger, MD

Member, Kaléo Board of Directors

Randy Raisman

Member, Kaléo Board of Directors
Managing Director, Marathon Asset Management