Our Company

Kaléo is a new type of pharmaceutical company, dedicated to building innovative solutions for serious and life-threatening medical conditions. We believe patients and caregivers are the experts on how their medical condition impacts their lives and are an integral part of our product development process.

Our Reason

Patients and families would be without a champion developing innovative healthcare solutions that empower them to confidently live fuller, bolder lives.

Our Vision

A world in which all people have access to the innovative healthcare products and solutions that empower each of them to live fuller, bolder lives.

Our Mission

To invent, manufacture and commercialize life-transforming products that empower patients and families to live fuller, bolder lives.


Develop innovative solutions that support the healthcare provider-patient relationship, unleashing access to life-transforming products.

Our History

It’s no coincidence that Kaléo so strongly believes in patient-inspired design through true collaboration between our experts and the people who use our products.

When our founders, twin brothers Eric and Evan Edwards, were young children, they were diagnosed with life-threatening allergies to a wide range of items, including peanuts, tree nuts, seafood and eggs, they were taught to carry a dose of epinephrine with them at all times. Eric and Evan decided to develop another option for patients like themselves and, in their late teens, conceived a new epinephrine delivery system. This led to the formation of Intelliject, later renamed Kaléo.