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Tina Thompson February 7, 2023

Tina Thompson

Deputy General Counsel

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Tina Thompson, Deputy General Counsel. In addition to providing legal advice, Tina loves that her role allows her the opportunity to work with her colleagues to solve different issues and be part of the business decision-making process. Even before her time at the Company, Tina had a feeling that she would one day work for Kaléo. She believes in our products and finds her work incredibly fulfilling, knowing that her contributions have a direct impact on patients.

Caryn Durham January 24, 2023

Caryn Foster Durham

Senior Director, Corporate Communications

Kaléo Employee Spotlight series – we are pleased to feature Caryn Foster Durham, Senior Director, Corporate Communications. Each day, Caryn works to educate and engage different audiences about Kaléo, our team, and our products. She chose Kaléo because of the difference our products can make in people’s lives, and she finds it gratifying to know that her contribution matters. 

Wade Oehler January 8, 2023

Wade Oehler

Executive Medical Sales Specialist

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Wade Oehler in his role as Executive Medical Sales Specialist. Wade is grateful to have the opportunity to sell a life-transforming product that empowers patients and their families. It gives him great pride and satisfaction to have such important conversations with healthcare providers and their staff.

Bryan Dunaway October 12, 2022

Bryan Dunaway, MBA, CQE

Manager, QA Production and Development

We’re pleased to highlight Bryan Dunaway, MBA, CQE, Manager, QA Production and Development. Bryan’s role puts him in the unique position to drive internal quality and work with our manufacturing partners to ensure Kaléo continues delivering products that exceed industry quality expectations. He loves that quality and patients are always the priorities among his colleagues.

Rachael Griffiths October 3, 2022

Rachael Griffiths

Director, Medical Affairs

We are excited to feature Rachael Griffiths, Director, Medical Affairs! Rachael and her team are committed to leveraging their scientific and clinical expertise to ensure patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholders receive accurate and unbiased medical information. Her role allows her to help support the Company’s mission to develop products and solutions that empower patients to live fuller, bolder lives.

Amanda Lovingood September 29, 2022

Amanda Lovingood, RN, BSN

Area Sales Manager

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Amanda Lovingood, RN, BSN, Area Sales Manager. Amanda chose Kaléo for the product, the people and the company culture. She is looking forward to expanding access for patients in California and working with a dedicated sales team that has a shared purpose and passion for helping patients and their families.

Jeff Rosenstack April 29, 2022

Jeffrey Rosenstack

Senior Area Sales Manager

We’re excited to feature Senior Area Sales Manager Jeffrey Rosenstack. In his role, Jeff oversees a team of medical sales specialists that communicate the benefits of our product throughout Florida and Georgia. With a daughter diagnosed with a severe food allergy at a young age, he has a passion, both personally and professionally, for helping patients. His goal is to always have a positive impact on the health and well-being of patients so that they can live fuller, bolder lives.

April 14, 2022

Phillip Atkinson

Director of Quality Operations

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Phillip Atkinson, Director of Quality Operations. Phil takes pride in the “quality first” mentality and culture pursued with passion throughout Kaléo, and considers the very foundation of quality to be accountability. It is what brought him to Kaléo, and he believes the strength of the company lies with being accountable to yourself, your team, partners, and ultimately, to the patients we serve.

March 31, 2022

Shantel Kelly

Director, Quality Systems and Compliance

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Shantel Kelly, Director, Quality Systems and Compliance. She is committed to protecting patients by ensuring the release to market of the highest-quality products supported by world-class quality systems. As the parent of a child with food allergies, Shantel finds her role at Kaléo very rewarding as she contributes to positively impacting the lives of patients. Shantel is overjoyed to be part of our company and what she refers to as a passionate and purposeful team.

March 24, 2022

Phil Brand

Senior Area Sales Manager

We are pleased to highlight Phil Brand in our Kaléo Employee Spotlight series. In his role as a Senior Area Sales Manager, he enjoys meeting with healthcare professionals across the NY metropolitan area and working with his talented team. Phil appreciates how his role supports patients, and he enjoys the people and culture at Kaléo.

March 17, 2022

Tanya Stamp

National Field Sales Trainer

Kaléo Employee Spotlight series – we’re excited to feature Tanya Stamp! In her role as National Field Sales Trainer, she works closely with the leadership team and various departments to build training materials, workshops and other resources for the field sales teams and new hires, while continuously assessing overall training programs and future needs. She enjoys the patient-first mindset of her colleagues and the culture that has been built over the years.

March 11, 2022

David Smiy

Director of Finance

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight series features David Smiy, Director of Finance. He leads his team on supporting the entire organization with financial analysis on key initiatives. David is a key member of the team tasked with developing the long-range strategic plan related to transitioning our business model, working with groups across Kaléo to analyze various scenarios. David finds the most value in his role when collaborating with his colleagues across the organization in an effort to make the best decisions possible to ensure that we continue delivering our life-saving product to patients.

February 16, 2022

Steven Jordan

Director of Information Technology

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight series features Steven Jordan, CISSP, PMP, Director of Information Technology! In his role, he provides comprehensive oversight, management and strategic direction for the technology infrastructure of our enterprise. With patients always at the forefront of our business, Steven and his team know that Information Technology provides the backbone that enables Kaléo employees to create and deliver life-saving products. Steven loves the shared passion of his colleagues, describing them as driven, passionate, and at the top-of-their-game, always challenging one another to perform at their best.

February 2, 2022

Steve Boffemmyer

Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations

Our Kaléo Employee Spotlight features Steve Boffemmyer, Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations. With more than 20 years of experience managing biopharmaceutical and medical device supply chains, Steve is responsible for strategic alignment of Kaleo’s supply chain and market access strategies. The teamwork and collaboration among his colleagues and the strong patient-focused culture at Kaléo drive his continued passion and focus for his work.

July 13, 2021

Lirys Crawford

Director of Marketing for Allergy and Pediatrics

Join us in congratulating Lirys Crawford on her new role as the Director of Marketing for Allergy and Pediatrics. Lirys previously served as the product manager for the AUVI-Q brand. As an alumna of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business, Lirys brings a steadying, yet inspired, approach to developing marketing strategies and cultivating new market opportunities.